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Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the Bishop of our Diocese has suspended public services in all the Episcopal Churches in Alaska for two weeks, at least. Below is his letter

But even though our doors are closed temporarily, our hearts and minds are open and we regularly pray for all who are affected.

We are live-streaming our services on our Facebook page

     Sunday morning worship - 10:30 AM

     Wednesday evening Compline - 8:00 PM

     Wednesday evening Bedtime Stories - 8:30 PM

     Noonday prayers, Monday - Friday at Noon

Please join in our worship opportunities.

If you need to reach us, our phone number is: 907-456-5235... follow the prompts to leave a voice message for the Parish Administrator or the Rector (Priest).

Love God, Love Your Neighbor...Practice Kindness, it's contagious...

and... Wash your Hands.

We will return to our regular worship when it is safe to do so.


The Right Reverend Mark Lattime

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska

1205 Denali Way, Fairbanks, AK  99701

Pastoral Letter:

Gatherings of more than 10 persons suspended in Episcopal congregations

March 17, 2020

To the faithful in Christ in the Diocese of Alaska,

This is my second Pastoral Letter about COVID-19 in just a few days.  Clearly the swiftly changing landscape and developing community response to COVID-19 dictates that we remain diligent in our prayer and hope, but also prepared to be adaptive in our response. 

Though we are first and foremost members of the household of God and citizens of heaven, we are also members of our local, state, and global community.  Following the example of Jesus, we are obliged to care for the health and welfare of our communities, even being willing to give extraordinary measures and sacrifices when necessary for the common good.   Our higher calling to love neighbor as self must always be the animating purpose of our choices.

Our community is asking through its leaders that all of us take extraordinary action to reduce exposure to and the spread of COVID-19.  These actions now include more than the hygiene and social distancing standards that have been recommended to this point. Today the National COVID-19 Task Force asked all of us to suspend gatherings of more than 10 people—including gatherings in homes.  Some municipalities in Alaska have even passed local orders banning gatherings of more than 50 people.   Although the size of gatherings to be avoided continues to be inconsistent, the point is clear:  Our community is asking us to avoid congregating in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

While I continue to believe that the gathering of the church, in prayer, worship, and fellowship is essential for the health of every community, in this time of crisis, for the health and welfare of all, I am hereby asking all congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska to suspend gatherings of more than 10 persons for the next 2 weeks.

I will, of course, continue monitoring public health updates and information from appropriate sources. and will issue an official status update Monday, March 30.

Where congregations have the resources, I encourage them to use online or streaming technology to provide an on-going worship experience for their community.  Keep in mind that any streaming of worship services or prayers may also reach other communities and individuals.  In this way, your online presence can serve as an act of evangelism and outreach. Online liturgies should be led by teams of 10 or fewer.  Not every congregation will or needs to broadcast worship services.  Some will invite their community to participate in what other congregations are doing.  Neighboring congregations should work together whenever possible and share generously.  These are not times to be parochial.

Recognizing that a significant number of our communities may not have access to the internet or the bandwidth necessary to make streaming possible, I am encouraging those communities to consider creative ways that they can remain faithful in worship and prayer using small groups that do not exceed the 10 person limit.  However, even small gatherings of 10 or fewer should be avoided unless the established distancing, restricted physical contact, and excellent hygiene practices are followed.

And since it is a vital spiritual practice and discipline, I also encourage every member of our Episcopal communities to remain faithful in stewardship, tithes, and giving for the support of your local church and its ministry.  Congregations should be creative in developing ways for people of faith to continue making their offerings and expressions of thanksgiving.   

Though extraordinary decisions are necessary in times of crisis, let us not be afraid and let us not contribute to the anxiety that grips our world.   The Church--the Body of Christ is present in all times and in all places.  By faith and the gifts of baptism we are bound together in this body and fellowship even if public health needs keep us apart. We are in this together.  We are one in the Spirit.  Cherish our unity in Christ, and strive to nurture it throughout this time of physical separation.

Keep the faith.  Pray without ceasing.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  Stay connected. Fear not.

In the Love of Christ Jesus,

(The Rt. Rev.) Mark Lattime

8th Bishop of Alaska

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