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 Welcome to St. Matthews Episcopal Church
The Vestry has released their draft 3 year strategic plan and would appreciate your comments
the plan can be downloaded from the left hand side of the page
or you can click on the Vestry link at the top of the page
This Week:  Friday September 19th - Sunday September 28th

       FRIDAY, September 19th


     SATURDAY, September 20th

[8 AM Equinox Marathon – UAF]


[1 PM Visitation/Funeral/Burial for Minnie Salmon (+9-17) – Chalkyitsik]

4 PM Volunteer Cleaning of The Church

     SUNDAY, September 21st  -- THE FEAST of ST. MATTHEW

[1914- Death of Dr. John Driggs, Pioneer Missionary in Point Hope]

NOTE: At ALL services this morning, a chance to find out more & Sign Up for a Variety of Activities at St. Matthew’s

8 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite 1

THIS SUNDAY is ALSOTHE RETURN of the ST. MATTHEW’s CHOIRS@ 9:15AM & 11:15AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:15 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Sunday School begins after the opening Collect

11:15 AM Holy Baptism (Keira James) & Eucharist, Rite II, Sunday School begins after the opening Collect

12:30/1PM ST. MATTHEW’s HARVEST DINNER COVERED DISH & ANNOUNCEMENT of 2014 Endowment Awards & September Birthdays Party

1:30 PM Fairbanks Correctional Center Visitation

[3 PM Blessing of two new drum Circles – AlaskaLand Wilderness Pavilion]

4 PM Y12Step Recovery Group – Parish Hall

     MONDAY, September 22nd

[1971- Ordination of George Edwin of Tanana to priesthood]

     TUESDAY, September 23rd

[1862- Archdeacon Robert McDonald arrives in Fort Yukon.]

11 AM Denali Center Eucharist

[5:30 PM “Hopeful Connections” w/Audrey Sunnyboy – H. Solomon Building]

5:30 PM Vestry SubCommittee Fundraising Meeting – Parish Library

6:45 PM NA 12 Step Program – Parish Hall

     WEDNESDAY, September 24th

9:30 AM Holy Eucharist

5:30 PM St. Matthew’s Choirs Practice – Parish Hall, Sanctuary

7 PM Holy Baptism (Scott Sommer) & Eucharist

     THURSDAY, September 25th

10:30 AM Pioneer Home Eucharist

     FRIDAY, September 26th

[1904- Following the opening of the Hospital, work begins on building St. Matthew’s in Fairbanks]

     SATURDAY, September 27th

10:30 AM Altar Guild Church Cleaning

[12 PM Wally Flitt Emergency Fundraiser – Tribal Hall]

[6 PM 15th Annual Tanana Valley Potato Extravaganza – The PumpHouse]

4 PM Volunteer Cleaning of The Church

     SUNDAY, September 28th

[Celebrating the coming Feast of St. Francis, Animals & other companions (There was an oven mitt one year), stuffed or otherwise, will be blessed during the services this morning. Polite folk are blessed INSIDE during the service. More rowdy or nervous folk are blessed OUTSIDE after the Service. ]

8 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite 1

9:15 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Sunday School begins after the opening Collect

11:15 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite II, Sunday School begins after the opening Collect

1:30 PM St. Matthew’s Diocesan Convention Delegates meeting – Parish Library

4 PM Y12Step Recovery Group – Parish Hall

PHOTO CREDITS: 1) September 17th Baptism of Dallas Bush  2) Beginning of Garage Sale Friday September 19th 3)) some of St Matthew’s once upon a time 4) Fr. John Holz 2013 Animal Blessing

St. Laurence Cowley IN England (http://stlaurencecowley.org) are OUR friends. Photos posted in Parish Hall.
We will be producing a JOINT CHRISTMAS magazine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for stories on an Advent, Christmas, Epiphany theme. 1000 words or less. DEADLINE NOVEMBER 18th!

Send Contributions to sfisher@mosquitonet.com
OCTOBER 1-5: Diocesan Clergy Conference & Diocesan Convention in Juneau. St. Matthew’s will be represented by delegates Laura Bender, Jim Hameister, and Allan Hayton & The rector.
The Rev. Bella Jean Savino will be beginning a weekly Bible Study Sunday Evening, October 12th at 6:30PM


A REMINDER: St. Matthew’s currently has (as of August 31st) a year To Date Deficit of -$ 22,062
YOU can contribute online at the St. Matthew’s website
-- http://stmatthewschurch.org/edonate



Original Books Available NOW

"According to Mama"
as told by Laura David Anderson to Audrey Loftus 1956 - 2011
2nd edition with Afterword by James Kari 44 pp.  
ISBN 978-0-9749668-5-4

"According to Papa"
as told by David Paul to Audrey Loftus 1957 33 pp.

"According to Grandfather" (The Medicine Man)
compiled by Audrey Loftus 1965 33 pp.

To order books, please contact James Kari at james.kari@alaska.edu
He will respond to your order with further instructions.
Include $7.00 for shipping. 1st Class (1-3 copies) is an additional $3.00 or $6.00 for 4-10 copies sent priority
Payment by personal check is preferred.

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OUR MISSION: We the people of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Fairbanks, Alaska receive God's love and are becoming a warm and loving community who share that love with ALL God's Children.

Summer Sunday Services:  8:30 AM & 10:30 AM
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Monday thru Friday "Compline Prayers at Midnight"

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